Change of plan but still got the fish

 Got picked up by my mates at 4.30 am and the plan was the hit up lano for some big dhuies. Get about 5 mins out of town and my mates car starts over heating so I suggested we take my car and after checking the forecast I made the call the launch from two rocks. 

The ramp wasn't to busy and we got on the water on at a reasonable time. It didn't take long until we saw schools of bluefin working we managed to hook 3 but didn't stay connected and the school was very flighty. 


So we kept heading out North West but didn't really have any spots out of two rocks so we put out the wind socks and drifted for about 2nm. 

From the drift I managed 2 dhuies a bladie and the others managed a Baldie each and a scorpion fish.  

The wind had picked up at this point so we started our long drive back to the ramp but everything worked out for the best in the end and we have some more marks out of it. 


I'll be heading north again tommorrow but at least will have some fresh Dhuie to take with me.




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 well done. some nice fillets

Mon, 2019-01-07 16:53

 well done. some nice fillets to take home. 


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