Chasing Tailor midweek - Leeman?

 Hey guys - has been a long time since I've posted but was hoping someone may pop up with a good idea on where to head. I'm thinking it's probably still a good time to try and hit up some big tailor on plugs.

I've been fishing up around Leeman for quite a few years. Was thinking of heading up there (or anywhere I can get peace and quiet) on Wednesday arvo for a night / morning. 

My thoughts - pressure rising, light easterlies, favourable high tide, bit of swell. I've never fished this moon phase but waxing & I prefer a few days either side of a full moon if I'm going to fish it. We're also sat right on the seasonal change so the beaches may be doing a bit and I always think it can throw up surprises. From memory I think the water temps are right about now for them to be breeding?  I actually think it could turn out to be really productive if I can find clear water.

I'm a bit worried about the southerly on Wednesday stirring things up too much around Leeman, so would love any tips or ideas for a general area to hit up within a few hundred Ks (give or take) of Perth. Even better if around that stretch of coast as I do love that general area i.e. South Dongara.

Would be grateful for any pointers and also love to hear other people's thoughts on the conditions (my reading of them has resulted in numerous empty fishing buckets over the years). I'll also mix it up and sit on the beach to soak some baits on Wed evening.




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 G day Buschy.Anything to

Tue, 2018-08-28 06:11

 G day Buschy.

Anything to report or was it another empty bucket.

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Hi mate - there was a lot of

Sun, 2018-09-09 14:09

Hi mate - there was a lot of weed both on the beaches and in the water. Always hit and miss this time of year. Couldn't fish any of the areas I had in mind and ended up camped up somewhere north of town after doing a reccy.


Got off to a good start and was on first cast. Felt really good for a while...and then it stopped. Beached a smallish stingray. All quiet after that until later in the night - another run, another ray. This time a fiddler. Called it a night after that.


Went south the next day, casting metals wherever I could and covered a lot of territory but nothing biting. Stopped in a Moore River for a quick flick and as always the river was teeming with smaller bream. Conditions were beautiful though and it was nice to escape routine for a bit!