Chivers sports fisherman ex

 hi crew, 

i've come across a 1988 chivers sports fisherman EX. It has the factory fitted pod with a yami 100 4 stroke fitted 2 years ago. the gauge shows 4 hrs. the boat is in amazing conditon from what i can see. its on a dunbar trailer in great condition. there is no substantial gps or sounder. i can not fault the boat as a whole condition wise. 

 i plan to fish out to 20 miles off shore with 2 mate, take the family to rotto and do a little skiing/tubes/wakeboard with the kids

my questions are what sort of money do you think it is worth?

how do they handle in the open ocean?

I'm finding it hard to find anything on this boat with the factory fitted glass pod so has anyone ever fished or been out in one. 

for me the size condition and the price she is asking fits my criteria (although i was set on a baron) this boat has popped up and is just about too good to pass up. 

i will try to work out how to uplaod a photo. 



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 mate i would go for it,

Thu, 2019-03-21 22:57

 mate i would go for it, dependent on price range, been out on a couple of old chivers and like the ride (nothing this size tho)

good trailer, good outboard, good hull ???

cant judge on a personal ride, but looks too good to pass up if it is in your price range 


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They ride exellent

Fri, 2019-03-22 06:00

I almost bought one with a susuki on it few years back. Very solid sea worthy boat. May be a tad underpowered. 150 or 130 hp be a heap better. I would see what speed it sits at doing 4000-4200 revs

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i would say the boat

Fri, 2019-03-22 06:32

i would say the boat condition is 9/10. trailer 8/10 and motor is 10/10. 

yes the size of motor is probably my only concern, although i did speak to luke chivers and he said it would have only been a 70-90 hp outboard on it when they brought it, but also said they were pretty underpowered with a 70. he thinks i'd be looking at about 35kts. i think thats plenty? i will be taking it out for a water test on sunday so i will see how is gets along at the 4000-4200 mark

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Top little boats checknthe

Tue, 2019-05-28 17:00

Top little boats


checknthe hull for rot as best you can mate.

Lite taps with a hammer and listen for the noise changing...  

pull up the carpet if you can etc.

if all sweet I’d buy it

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After reading the

Wed, 2019-05-29 21:33

After reading the description...tad under power but 2016/17 GPS Sounder...around the 20k mark...max.