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G'day all,

I've been looking at open boats as against what I have at the moment which is a big heavy glass cuddy cab. She's a brilliant boat in that it handles offshore conditions really well but launching and retrieving on my own which is more and more the case of late, is a real pain, especially when the wind kicks up a bit or the current etc swings the bum around. The trailer is a crap trailer also (Spitfire) as it is but the big heavy boat just makes it worse, I don't know how many times I've had to ask - or other boaters have seen me struggling and offer a hand. I've had the boat Savage Escort 5.2 glass boat for 5 years, my son used to fish a fair bit with me until he discovered girls, so I got the brush but my youngest is now coming a lot more with me but he is only 8 and I don't really take hime offshore or outside as I don't want to turn him off coming on the boat. So I have been fishing a lot more in the estaury of late and have really enjoyed it but with such a big boat it is obviously a bit restricted in the places I can fish and also very annoying when I have to chuck the anchor out when I want to fish a certain area for a while. 

I've recently fished on a mate's Quintrex Top-ender side console, which was set up with an electric motor. I'd never been on a boat that had one before and I loved it! It had heaps or storage under the floor and casting deck up the front, I found it is a great boat to fish from with plenty of room up on the casting deck and ample room at the back of the boat too, I think you could easily fish 4 people quite easily, which with my bimini and clears you couldn't in mine. Fishing with an electric motor is a game changer! I had no idea how bloody awesome they and don't know how anyone who wanted to target a rockwall or some structure could fish without one. It was a 5.3 or 5.1 I believe and it was at least 10 years old at a guess, but I believe it had the millennium hull so not sure what year they started making them, but in a bit of chop as the wind picked up it seemed to handle it quite well and we stayed dry. It felt as though it rode pretty good from what I could feel in the passenger seat. 

Don't get me wrong I love the cover of my cuddy cab with Bimini and clears when it's a freezing cold morning heading out to the reefs a few K's etc but the side console is just so well set up for fishing in the estuary and hopefully on a good day outside chasing reds as well.

So I think a side console is the go but while I've been taking notice and looking I see there are so many on the market. I love the looks of the renegades and they have so many good reviews, but they are super pricey and so are the second hand ones. I have also read a few bad reviews about Quinnies in general having bad welds in them.

I also like the looks of the Stacer outlaw, I believe they have a similar hull and made in the same factory, but are also pretty pricey. I came across anglapro the other day and they have some nice looking side consoles too, but I couldn't really find too much info on them.

I saw a Savage Scorpion yesterday at the ramp also and loved the looks of that rig too, there are so many options and I don't know what to really look at. Ideally it's strong, rides well in the slop and rough when needed, well balanced and sits nicely at rest. I also want a offshore washwell on the transom.


I would really love any info or personal thoughts on any side consoles out there I could check out. Ideally I'm thinking around the 4.8 metre mark with a 70-75 4 stroke outboard would really appeal to me, but If I get enough support I've heard some really pleasing things in the last few weeks about Evinrude outboards being super powerfull, but really ecconomical on the fuel. In saying that, I've also heard some horrible stories more so a few years back, but would like to hear from owners rather than guys who don't know first hand but only stay loyal to one brand and bag others.


I'd really like to fish the estuary more so than anything, but would love to be able to load her up with an esky a full tank of fuel and be able to get out a few k's offshore to fish the reefs when the weather and conditions aren't terrible, but also be able to get out if it's a little sloppy on ocasions also.

Any help and advice on what to look for or for other decent models with the openness of a side console and the ability to add an electric, I'd really love to hear about. In an ideal world a good caddy that could easerly fish the estuary and reef and could have an electric would be the ideal boat but there's less room and they'd be double the price I guess.


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Check out Seajay. I have a

Mon, 2019-12-16 18:22

Check out Seajay.
I have a Seajay velocity 520 side console. Seajay do a number of side consoles in the 4.5-5m size. Midway Marine are a dealer and there is also one in bunbury. Love my rig, 600hrs on the motor in 3 years.


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 Thanks mate. Pretty pricey

Tue, 2019-12-17 02:24

 Thanks mate. 

Pretty pricey but aren't they?

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Cuddy cabin

Tue, 2019-12-17 05:58

 If you like your cuddy cabin that much then fix your trailer.

Spend a bit of money on a set of self loading rollers so you can drive it on, plus an electric winch which will pull the bow round if you slowly bring the boat up.


I used to load a 7.5 metre Star ali boat on my own at Two Rocks with the sea breeze well and truly cranked up solo without any trouble.  One of the tricks was to park your trailer as close to the jetty as possible if you are winching on.

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 Hey Carn, Yeah not totally

Tue, 2019-12-17 09:22

 Hey Carn,


Yeah not totally in love with the cuddy mate, don't get me wrong love it when I'm heading offshore but that isn't as much these days now, so that's why I was thinking the side console would be better on most occasions but I'd love it to take me out on days when I'd like to chase a few reds also. 

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Why side console, not centre?

Wed, 2019-12-18 07:01

You lose the 360 degree fishability which is the one asset a centre console has over a forward cab. I know they are set up with a seat next to the side console, for your mate to sit on , and they have to be, because you sitting on one side puts it out of trim--the whole setup appears to offer less fishability than a well-designed CC layout  on the same hull . And they will be even wetter than a CC in the wrong wind direction. Not really critical, just curious?  I speak as a long-time CC ( four in a row, 16-20 feet) owner who got tired of the usually wet, and cold in winter,  CC concept. 


edit--and yes, anchoring is always easier in a CC. When I first went to a cuddy cab, the 5.65M Swiftcraft Dominator, I had to come to terms with that. There are ways around it, without going to the expense of an anchor winch, I'll be happy to share if you are interested. 

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You dont lose the 360 degree

Thu, 2019-12-19 08:33

You dont lose the 360 degree fishablity at all, many a time I have lifted a bent rod over the console if need be. CC in a 460 size boat you lose heaps of deckspace compared to a SC not to mention the narrow space between the console and the gunnels


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 Anchoring in a cuddly cab is

Wed, 2019-12-18 07:12

 Anchoring in a cuddly cab is easy. Using an anchor retriever you pull in the anchor over the side into a butcher's tub then can be slid out of the way till you need it again. 


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Ive got an old side console

Wed, 2019-12-18 10:56

Ive got an old side console and love it. So much room I would rather this than a CC. I fish solo and having the whole side of the boat to fish out of is really good and clutter free (till I knock over my tackle box etc). It does throw the boat out with the weight on one side but you balance it out and only really has an effect at 5knots and under. Its good for berthing as im already at the side of the boat ready to throw the rope around the jetty.  Id totally reccommend a side console but dont know any brands. Sounds like your sold on them anyway but thats my 2cents.


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 Yeah definitely want a side

Wed, 2019-12-18 16:19

 Yeah definitely want a side console. Just think for the fishing I'm doing and the facet that I'll often head out on my own it seems so appealing. I often feel like going fishing but will not go just ion thinking of when I arrive at the ramp to wrestle with the boat getting it off and then the nightmare of trying to retrieve on my own when I come back, and hoping the wind doesn't pick up.... When I sit there and think about it all, I often think bugger it I'm not going. 


I really love the electric motor too, that is the only way to fish I reckon..


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 My mate recently bought a

Thu, 2019-12-19 06:30

 My mate recently bought a polycraft side console, think he paid around 12k with a nice low hr 60 yammy. Its not my cup of tea but as far as a side console goes he loves it. Apparently unsinkable due to the double skin or something, heavier than a tinny so doesn't slap and bounce in chop, once on the plane its as though its glued to the water.


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 Mate they are super tough no

Thu, 2019-12-19 17:48

 Mate they are super tough no doubt about that, but if it's anything like a guy I know who had one it just didn't ride that we'll. 


But one thing is for sure if they could get that part right I think everyone would have one, no rotting transom, no corrosion absolutely nothing can break them. 


I'm pretty much tossing between the Quinnie Renegade or Top-ender, Stacer Outlaw, or the Savage Scorpion. Size is also another decision I'm stuck on too. A 4.8 so I'm not affected by the lifejacket rule or do I get the 4.69, 4.55, 4.60 and save a fair bit of cash I really don't wanna look back and regret not getting a decent size. 

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i got the trail craft 4.65

Fri, 2019-12-20 13:31

i got the trail craft 4.65 pro fish with a yammie 60, fish 3 adults fine in the sound chasing pinkies, prefect in the river for crabs, etc  

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i got the trail craft 4.65

Fri, 2019-12-20 13:31

i got the trail craft 4.65 pro fish with a yammie 60, fish 3 adults fine in the sound chasing pinkies, prefect in the river for crabs, etc  

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Quinny Renegade 5.2, 115hp 4

Sat, 2019-12-28 11:23

Quinny Renegade 5.2, 115hp 4 stroke, SC all the way mate. Ive had mine 50 miles offshore and camping with 2 up a river - and everything in between. Ride is exceptional for a small boat, not many other brands can compete.

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 Cheers hey mate..Are they

Sat, 2019-12-21 06:12

 Cheers hey mate..Are they picey? 

How do they ride and sit at rest?


Thanks mate

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Hi, I have a 5.3m glass cuddy

Sun, 2019-12-29 07:59

Hi, I have a 5.3m glass cuddy and launch and retrieve solo all the time.

Key is a good trailer  and a rope attached to the stern and bow.

maybe spend your money on a new trailer and an electric motor on your current boat?

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 Hey mate thanks for the

Sat, 2020-01-04 05:56

 Hey mate thanks for the reply.


I have a trailer that is only just over 12 moths old so new one is definitely out of the question unfortunately. As for an electric I have a glass boat mate so nowhere to locate it either. 

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 Has anyone got a bowrider

Wed, 2020-01-08 11:53

 Has anyone got a bowrider boat they use for fishing? With the front seating arrangement, I've seen a few pics where they have taken the cushions out and put in an infill to make a casting deck. some seem quite roomy in the back too. My only concern is can you somehow mount an electric motor though

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 Have 2 boats at present that

Mon, 2020-01-27 14:42

 Have 2 boats at present that I am stuck which one would be best. 

I can get a 2019 demo model 460 renegade with a 75hp ETEC that has 20 hours for 25kbut it is unpainted,so not sure if that is a good thing or not. Has nothing special other than it has a offshore washwell.

I have also been looking at a 2015 Quintrex 481 Top-ender with a 2015 ETEC that has 30 hours on it that the guy wants 27k for. It also has the offshore washwell. 


Which way would you guys go? 



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 Mate if your after an open

Mon, 2020-02-03 10:37

 Mate if your after an open boat have a look at midway marine at the fishhunter 460 open , leaves those other two for dead with 5mm bottom & 4mm sides a real tank and a great blue water boat as I have one and can say it's next level.