Collecting pippis perth metro??

 Hi everyone,


went down near the river this morning for breakfast with the mrs. Whilst there we went for the usual scope out if anyone is fishing walk along the river. Came across some blokes scooping for pippis.

a few questions if I may. Do ya reckon these would be ok to eat or just as bait?

also is there any hot spots to try for pippis in the metro area? (Pm if need be)


i love fettuccini vongole so some fresh pippis would go down nicely in that.


many thanks 






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Sat, 2013-02-23 13:27


They are great eating and best I reckon as soon as you catch them....1 for the bucket and one for my belly (raw)

Cooked as you suggest would be extra yum.


And they do make good bait...whiting ,skippy  etc.







ps.......not being from Perth area cant help you with good spots down thata way