Combo for land based mackerel and tunas

 Hey guys,


After one year spent in New Zealand targetting kingies of the rocks and spearfishing I am heading to western australia with the same program : buy a 4 wheel drive and travel west for fishing and spearfishing.

I would like to get some advices on the set up that I will need for spinning of the rocks.

Here in New Zealand for kingies I was using a shimano backbone elite topwater rod 50/80 lbs with a 10 000 saragosa with 80lb braid for stickbaiting and also livebaiting kahawai (salmon) under balloons. Will this set up be good to target spaniards of the rocks ?

What combo would you recommend ?

I also would like to try GT's of the rocks, can this combo do the job as well ?

I will start from Perth and then head north towards Exmouth, kalbarri, quobba etc.


Here in New Zealand I was also using my kayak to get to unaccessible ledges or small island, is it possible to do this as well in WA ? Is it worth it to buy a kayak ?


Thanks guys :)

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Thu, 2018-07-26 09:34

 Short answer is yes, you should be ok running that gear.

You could get away with 50lb for tuna's/mackies comfortably providing you have enough line. A big GT would probably stretch you on 80lb, pretty sure some of the guys go up to 130lb braid and pray their arms don't get ripped off!

I'll let someone with more experience answer the rest




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Fri, 2018-07-27 08:34

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 50lb is heaps for spinning

Fri, 2018-07-27 22:10

 50lb is heaps for spinning for pelagics short of popping for big GTs.

The 10k gosa will do but you'll have to work hard being a low geared reel, if you can afford it I'd get something with a higher retrieval rate such as the 8k gosa which is HG as opposed to the PG of the 10k.

Rod will be alright but a bit more length can come in handy for casting and also keeping line away from the rocks. Assassin do a good range and you should be able to find one around the 11' mark to your budget.


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 Hey guys i think that i will

Sun, 2018-08-05 10:33

 Hey guys i think that i will keep the saragossa and put 50lbs braid on it for mackerels and tunas. Which rod do you recommend to spin for mackerels of the rocks ?

Is there many chances to catch land based gt's in auss ? My plan is to travel western australia (fish exmouth, quobba, etc) and then go to broome and then queensland.

Do you think that i should invest in a specific combo for gt's then ?


I would also like to catch queenfish, which set up do you recommend ? Thanks :)

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 GTs very different to

Thu, 2018-08-23 12:02

 GTs very different to mackerel.

I fish up north a lot land based, yes you can get GTs from the shore (we did pretty well on a recent trip with fish between 15-25kgs) but other pelagics would be the staple.

I run four set ups depending on the quarry and time of year (sharks are far worse in summer than winter), but could easily refine those to two if needs be.

have a long cast outfit - say 10-11ft to reach the big distances and tuna off shore, should be strong enough to drag in cobia and shark macks as and when they are around. Secondly a stiff and shorter rod which is the GT stick/the skull dragger for spanish macks and cobia. 


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 Thanks mate so i will keep

Sat, 2018-08-25 16:27

 Thanks mate so i will keep my shimano backbone elite topwater 50/80lbs for gt with the saragosa 10 000 for gt !


And i will buy the daiwa demond blood 962mh for tuna and mackerels ! Which reel would you advise with this rod ? I was thinking of staying with a saragosa but smaller than the 10 000, maybe a 8000 or 6000 with pe 3 or 4.