Coral bay 17 to 25 May

another year has unfortuantely come and gone. Weather was spot on and the fishing slow to begin but hotted up once the full moon got further away.

we fished north, south and everywhere in between. we stuck the plan that I tell evryone and that is 2/3 drifts and no action, move on! so I kept farming our spots and the fish came. did not lose a fish nor see a shark. only rigs lost were 2 or 3 of tangles that I couldnt be stuffed sorting out!

pic # shows the boat uniform. funny thing is hadnt seen a red until day 3 and within 5 mins of it coming out, we had a red on board!no commentary required, israel falaou emailed the crew to tell them what would happen to them 

highlights included;

- 6+ 8-10kg rankins,

- an 8kg red (last day)

- catching our bag of 15 fish in about 45 mins on a new spot (last day), sounder shot depicts this (pic #6 is some of bag)

- using just 35l of fuel to catch the bag in pic # 1

- the food and company, wow we, Greek Barra's kebabs are up there with any I've had at midnight and Harry the chefs battered wings are close to the best I've had

we also dropped the go pro down ona  boated rig into anywhere from 60 to 75m of water and the footage is unbelievable. i now have a real understanding of what I am reading on the sounder.

 sorry should also have added there was a huge (at least footy oval size) scholl of sardines or similar south of south passge that also had the thrill of jumping in and swimming with along with lots of others. supposedly lots of bities arund this school but didnt see any or get any on the go pro footage.


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 well done. some nice fish

Sat, 2019-06-01 16:04

 well done. some nice fish there. cetrainly some big rankins up there atm. got a few above 8kg ourself. 

looks like almost a glassed off day out there as well. 


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 We're you the guys over our

Sat, 2019-06-01 16:14

 We're you the guys over our back fence that cleaned fish at home as we sometimes did? 

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 no . were in the caravan

Sat, 2019-06-01 16:16

 no . were in the caravan park. always cleaned down at the table


RUSS and SANDY. A family that fishes together stays together

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Not bad

Sat, 2019-06-01 17:21

not a bad effort for the ‘B’ team.

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If we were the B Team I

Mon, 2019-06-03 15:32

If we were the B Team I assume you’ll have to play yourself back through the thirds after your notable absence this year.

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Nice fish. Love the choice of

Sat, 2019-06-01 21:18

Nice fish. Love the choice of fishing clothes in pic 3. Haha 

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Coral bay a Bit Windy

Sun, 2019-06-02 09:42

Well done. We arrived here yesterday and thought we would duck out for a sneaky fish late arvo as is our tradition. Looked at south passage and pulled the pin.

Doesn’t look like we will get much fishing done for the next week. Wind looks like it has put an end to that. Hopefully drop off for the following week

luckily we are here for two weeks and have been looking at all the posts on here over5he last week or so thinking bewdy. Oh well at least we have plenty of beer.  

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Sun, 2019-06-02 14:01

we had a look at that patch of bait last week and it was shark city. When we first pulled up in the middle of it there was two sharks about 2.5 m right there.we spent half an hour watching sharks ripping around on the surface. I jumped in with the GoPro but could not see anything as the bait was so thick. The next day we were fishing south so I came in through the waroora passage to have another look and it was pretty quiet but we did see about half a dozen reefies go into the bait.

that same day we saw a small bust up a few miles out. In the middle of it there was two quite big sharks sitting vertically and sticking their heads out of the water . I got some GoPro footage of it.

letsgofishing, it is the old story of you should have been here last week as it was unbelievably good


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Last line above

Sun, 2019-06-02 15:47

Always great if you're saying it,

Absolutely shithouse if you're hearing it.

Best of luck letsgofishing.


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Any chance of you posting the video

Sun, 2019-06-02 14:33

Can you put the footage of the sharks and the bait ball up for us people stuck down south for winter. 

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 Tell me how and will. The

Sun, 2019-06-02 15:17

 Tell me how and will. The file is about a gig! 



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 Hope your out and about

Sun, 2019-06-02 15:19

 Hope your out and about today letsgo as your right, the outlook not great!! 

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mp4 no good

Mon, 2019-06-03 09:07

 Tried to post some gopro shark footage but the site will not let me.