Coral Bay 23

Another year has come and gone and yes, all a very distant memory again! 

After last years record 3 tyre blowout trip up, both boats arrived safe and sound in just under 13 hours.

Night 1 proved interesting and resulted in two deckies not being very well for a cracking days of fishing on day 1. To the extent a few prayers were even said at the ramp to ask the fishing gods to be kind to us? It worked and we were rewarded with a good haul of decent goldbang, sharpies and rosie's from some old spots from many years back. 

Day 2 the weather did not plan out as proposed and myself being as crook as I have ever been on a boat. (Hang on, could it have been the Latin party at Bill's the night before?!) with a few sneakers (heavy easterley chop) literally landing in the boat. It did clear a little for the trip home. 

Day 3 the weather looked good again so we hit some more recent goldine shows for a great reult again.

Day 4 the weather looked all time so the call was to head way south for reds. Unfortunately despite goood shows, the fish didnt bite so we came back to the regular spots for a great mix of red, pearlies, red throat and a coral trout that blew everyone away. This all happened between 3-4 pm so we had worked hard for them. The red was 79cm and I'll pay just on 10kg. The trout was 82cm and as heavy as the red!! (the big fella is 6'4 to put in perspective). All caught on the sounder shot spot shown, an old spot that has produced big and consistent reds but nver a trout in that depth. The Seaforce crew said they had never seen anything like it pulled from CB.

The rest of the days were spent squidding with regular bag outs and some thumpers caught.

So in summary excellent weather, good times (we had 3 crews up there) cold drinks, sore heads at times but now the preparation starts for 2024!! A photo of the old pub for nostalgia reasons given it wont exist for much longer!!






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Some cracking fish there

Sun, 2023-06-11 10:42

 LOL at the deckie prayin at the ramp, been there done that 

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Some deserved rewards

Wed, 2023-06-14 11:25


as he said.

some good fish considering some of the conditions we had to endure.

good numbers of goldband in the deeper water and some good reds and a surprise trout to add some colour to the esky. Skippers were exceptional again :)

add to it all some new squid ground and looking forward to next year already..



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 Best place on earth..That is

Wed, 2023-06-14 14:59

 Best place on earth..

That is a very good trout for CB..only seen one bigger in all my years going there.

good trip

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Wed, 2023-06-14 16:57

 Love goldies, such a top quality eating fish. Solid tearout.


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That first Pic leaning on the

Thu, 2023-06-15 12:14

That first Pic leaning on the table...LOL

Well done.

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 the best is the "inspector"

Fri, 2023-06-16 07:45

 the best is the "inspector" in the green shirt in the second pic counting our fish!

why would we lay them out on the board if we did anything we need to hide?! he was rightly told as such. 

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Must have caught more than

Fri, 2023-06-16 08:06

Must have caught more than him..

What is the boat limit Jolly, gascoyne...12 fish ?

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 Some awesome fishing there

Fri, 2023-06-16 10:46

 Some awesome fishing there mate!


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You certainly nailed some

Fri, 2023-06-16 21:00

You certainly nailed some tasty feeds there. That trout is one to remember

How were the sharks this year. Heading back there next year after a disappointing trip to Broome this year


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 Sharks no real problem, few

Sat, 2023-06-17 16:36

 Sharks no real problem, few around 2m one day but managed to get to boat and quickly dealt with. Even Mahi Mahi said not that bad this year. Lots of different theories!!