Coral Bay and South land based options

 Hi all,

Planning a 7 day land based fishing / exploration trip in mid July, starting from Exmouth and heading south. Have a very capable 4WD and plenty of good fishing gear between myself and my mate. Realy want to target some decent fish from the shore on overnighters. I am particularly interested in the coast line between Coral Bay heading South along the coast to the Bluff North of Canarvon.

  • Any specific tackle that we need to take ?
  • Camping on the beach - Are you allowed to ?
  • Tracks and land marks of interest.?
  • Looking for that " secrete spot " with a good camp and access to the beach.

Any advice is well appreciated in advance.



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Access south

Sun, 2015-05-10 05:40

Forget trying to go through from Warroora station through to Gnaraloo, the gate is locked so you have to head in on the Blowholes road to get to Red Bluff.

On the way in to the Blowholes take a turn left opposite the Rio Tinto salt entrance, the sand track takes you through to the coast, there are small gaps in the reef where you can fish safely without losing too much gear.

Anywhere from the Blowholes north to the station homestead is fishable in low swell but take extra care because I don't want to receive a phone call asking for the rescue boat to go looking for someone in the water. Turn down the track just before the first haul road, there are some channels that produce good nor westers and baldies .

North of the homestead apart from a few beach sections is mainly cliffs and rope gaffs are the go, Whistling rock is probably the best. Take the track in to the Korean Star wreck [or what little is left of it] , you can get right down to water level, there are some good platforms to fish from. Red Bluff is ok if you have a screaming southerly, you are better off just south of there at Caves Rock, [forget where the turn off is now, been a while since I fished it]]