Craypot Advice

 Hi guys, just wondering if anyone can offer some advise.

got two craypots for the first time and have been dropping them out ocean reef, using tuna heads, have large lead weight.

dropping them in around 9 - 11m of water but coming up with absolutely nothing.

i know like all fishing there is a nack to it and you learn as you go but any advice would be great what to try / not to try


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At this time of year

Thu, 2018-12-27 09:31

Probli need them in deeper water. The crays that we’re in close have already shed their shell and moved deeper as “whites”.


Put them in 20-25m if water. On the sand, only a few metres away from reef ledges. Give them a few days between pulls, and you should see some activity at least.


Hope this helps






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Thu, 2018-12-27 21:04

 We started using Plastic pots and with some modifications were ok. Then I made my own pots out of recycled solid Jarrah. They were too light and floated to much. Now I buy mine from NG Craypots in Port Kembla Drive Spearwood or Lobster Alive 3/8 Whipple Way Balcatta. Either of these stock quality pots at about $200 to $250 each with steel bases. It is well worth the extra expense to get quality pots and yes you will also need to add extra weight. Lastly, Tuna Heads are a great one night bait if you are pulling daily but I prefer to use Blue Mackerel with Orange Roughy or Hoki Heads as a holding bait. We are back on the reefs now as the whites run had slowed right down for us out in the deep. Good luck, it is great fun.  



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Fri, 2018-12-28 05:33

 need t be weighed down with extra weight , you may not necessarally be in the right area ,are there other pots close by ? mine minimum 20m. then work my self out to 30-34m.

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i bought some steel based

Fri, 2018-12-28 18:48

i bought some steel based pots, and havent had any extra weights in and have been doing ok. ( i tried adding 9kg and could handle them when dry, but that first pull after a 1 week soak nearly broke my back...weights came straight out after that!)

definitely found that the wooden pots with steel bases worked better than the plastic ones for me.

only started last year so still failry new, but i found the blue mackerel made a difference, also trying to position right at the edge of a reef ledge. ( on sand when the withes were running).

i have got mine in about 15m of water now (mainly becuase heading out deeper regularly is a bit difficult with my size boat), and have found will still pick up some reds.

over the summer i keep them out, and just check them everytime im fishing. sometimes nada, but usually will get something.

if you have one of the plastic necks, someone sugested to me that drilling a few holes so the crays crawling over the pot will have greater access can help? havent tried it yet tho....

good luck and keep at it! pretty exceiting when you finally pull some up!

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 CHeers for the help, yea

Mon, 2018-12-31 09:25

 CHeers for the help, yea there were lots of pots near by but went out yesterday and nothing around so they have all moved or we were seeing alot of people bringing them out.

nothing yesterday so decided to bring them in, going to add longer rope as i only had aorund 20 - 22m.

will re think and have another go soon, a fella at the ramp brought his in and said best trying around mid - late feb ?