Ctek Panel Charger With Dual Batteries

I'm tired of climbing into the bilge to connect my charger to my batteries so have bought a panel charger to install in the dash.

I have a BEP VSR connected to an isolator switch (Off, 1, 2, 1&2). Can I connect my panel charger to my isolator switch/VSR so that I can individually charge each battery by flicking the isolator switch to the battery I want charged?

I've tried connecting a charger to my bus in the dash but I don't think it could carry enough current to charge the battery.


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Sun, 2017-08-13 21:13

 Had a similar problem with my dual setup. I needed to keep batteries topped up yet couldn't be assed climbing in out etc etc . 60 watt panel on T top above console , feed out going to 20 amp dual battery regulator . From there it's independent wires going directly to battery A & B . The isolator switch is bypassed and you can set controller to charge either battery on a split percentage ( ie battery A gets charged 90% and B gets 10 % ) I've got it set at 50/50 so no battery is feeling left out...:) . Good piece of mind knowing that the batteries are getting a trickle charge at all times . Hope this helps you out. 


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Jack I'm not able to comment

Mon, 2017-08-14 08:25

Jack I'm not able to comment on the Ctek, however I have a REDARC solar regulator that allows charging of two batteries.

You can choose the percentage of charge you want to be directed to each battery eg) 50/50, 20/80 etc.

That way you don't have to work about switching between batteries to be charge. I have 180W panel, 2 deep cycles in parralel and a AGM starter which are all connected to solar.

Hope that helps



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 The little ctek chargers

Mon, 2017-08-14 08:43

 The little ctek chargers come with a lead that bolts onto the terminals and a quick release plug so you don't have to climb back there.


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 Ctek call these comfort

Mon, 2017-08-14 11:54

 Ctek call these comfort leads, I have these on my motor bikes and they are great, but I haven't installed on the boat because I have a dual battery which a manual changeover switch. I haven't figured the best way to install on the boat. I'd like to put a VSR on there to isolate the starter but I really don't know if I can be bothered. I think the easiest way is probably just to connect the comfort plug to the positive busbar on my dash and the battery change over switch  can be used to direct the charger to either battery or both.


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 Can't say I've ever really

Mon, 2017-08-14 14:30

 Can't say I've ever really had to use battery chargers to keep a float. I usually isolate mine before I park it up for the couple of weeks I'm away. Combined with new batteries every 2 years I wouldn't really bother. Or just have the 'comfort leads' hooked up to both.


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Depends how your system is

Mon, 2017-08-14 19:23

Depends how your system is actually setup. But basically if its connected to your start battery as soon as you plug it in the VSR should close and charge both batteries. Just need to make sure the charger is big enough to do both!

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Some motors need to be

Tue, 2017-08-15 09:37

Some motors need to be removed from the circuit while charging, hooking the charger up to the Colhersy will allow charging current back to the motor. Not all motors are the same I know! In my case leaving the motor connected while charging let the smoke out of one of those magic little black boxes under the cowling. Was a PITA and an expensive lesson.

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Cheers for the info and

Tue, 2017-08-15 12:44

Cheers for the info and advice lads.

Vinesh, I've tried allowing the VSR to charge both by connecting it to my starting motor and switching my isolator position 1 but only being a 5amp charger I don't think it did the trick as well I connected it to my second battery after a couple of days it only lit up to the 4th light and took a while to work up to float charge.

Dodgy, yeah I've got those connectors coming out of both battery boxes but I have to lay on the wet carpet to reach them under my bench seat to plug in the charger and usually crack my head on something sharp. I could cut and extend them but I like the idea of a neat connection point in the dash.

I have noticed that the wires on the panel charger connection are slightly thicker than the existing plug so I'll give it another crack connecting it to the bus otherwise the other idea I had was to connect both batteries to a 3 way rocker switch connected to the panel charger so that I can toggle between the two batteries at the flick of a switch


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Solar panel option

Sun, 2017-08-27 09:03

 Have you considered a solar panel to trickle charge while not in use? You can either pernament mount the panel or have a fold out removable panel and plug with hardwire to batteries.