Dampier reef

Hi guys i am heading up to Denham in 2 weeks to fish Turtle bay and Steep point, would like to try Dampier reef i dont suppose anyone could send me the GPS co-ordinates it would be very much appreciated Thanks.

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Tue, 2013-05-14 20:02

Get a chart, its clearly marked and easy to find.

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 Dampier Reef will be on your

Tue, 2013-05-14 21:17

 Dampier Reef will be on your GPS

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Thank you guys.

Tue, 2013-05-14 21:34

Thank you guys.

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Download the Navionics app on

Thu, 2013-05-16 07:27

Download the Navionics app on your smartphone before you go... Its on there also and its a great back up to your onboard GPS...

Its cheap as the purchase also!!