Dark tail snapper?

 Hey fishwreckers,

im pretty sure it's a dark tail snapper, am I right?



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 Looks like a mangrove jack

Sun, 2014-06-01 08:56

 Looks like a mangrove jack or a red bass

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Sun, 2014-06-01 09:19

 Looks like the very rare'' RIGHT FINNLESS MANGROVE JACK'' to me. Great eating too.

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 saddle tail snapper

Mon, 2014-06-02 15:31

 saddle tail snapper could be a jack where did you catch it, eg creek, or ocean, depth which town launching from?

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 Dark tail

Wed, 2015-10-07 17:15

 Dark tail I dont know wot i was drinking then but ive never heard of a dark tail snapper, i would say saddle tail, caught them on the trawlers on rankin bank s/w of port headland 500mts deep.

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Ocean, landbased off the

Mon, 2014-06-02 20:06

Ocean, landbased off the cliffs up Steep Point way. Same spot i was pulling up pinkies, parrots, fingermarks, red throats, etc.

I doubt it's a jack because it doesn't have the set of chompers.

Thanks guys.

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 the most important thing is

Tue, 2015-10-06 07:46

 the most important thing is , did it taste good ?????

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 Sure is a dark tail, good

Tue, 2015-10-06 12:55


Sure is a dark tail, good chewing

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Dark tail for sure, we have

Tue, 2015-10-06 14:39

Dark tail for sure, we have been getting them for a few years now off the cliffs, also getting those pesky bones in large numbers, old boys were up there couple of weeks ago and got their first Rankins, they have been fishing the cliffs for close to 50 years and seeing all sorts of fish moving south. They left Steep Point 40 years ago due to the crowds and spin out more ever year with the changes but age is catching up with there cliff fishing abilty so there time is nearly over.

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Eaten and forgotten!

Tue, 2015-10-06 16:34

 Thanks lads!  It was tasty from memory, couldnt get onto any on this year's trip though.  Pan-size emporer everywhere this year!

You are right Chinbald, the variety up there is amazing.  Now to work out how to get the pelagics past the sharks...!

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 Big rocks

Sun, 2015-10-18 12:21

 Big rocks

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Sun, 2015-10-18 10:51

I am just reading the recfishwest I.D.guide and it is a dark tail snapper [maroon seapearch darktailed sea perch]


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