Day on the Swan

Well what a top day we had today...

Get to boat ramp and place is empty except for the boat school dude running a test for a group of guys..
Sweet drop the boat in the water and Park trailer. On way back to the boat thought shit forgot to put the bungs in... Get to boat and yep they are still sitting on the bait board.. So after an early morning swan river swim and a free lesson to the guys doing their skippers ticket on how not to put the bungs in, we were on our way.

Today we were going to try for some crabs near the Narrows... After traversing the now extended 5 and 8 knot zones at the bridges and river bank works we reached the narrows only to find another 15 boats already working their nets both sides of the bridge.

Thought we would move on towards Mossman bay but the daughter started to get upset with the roughening conditions so we headed back and moored up at the bell tower for a bite to eat and relax..

What the hec I thought got bait and some new nets may as well use em.. Baited up three nets and threw m over.

Flicked a couple of lures got nothing but blowies..

Final tally for the day 3 blue mannas all 170 across.

And DAMN they tasted great for dinner tonight...

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