Day off work

When are you going to take us fishing they said?? Mate I love fishing how about as soon as we get a chance.

How about Friday. Yep. Done. They rock up at the ramp 6.00am with a carton and some bait.

Do you guys want a kwell I said?? Nah we bought beer. No worries

let's go fishing I said. So we decide to head out of Rotto. 

Nek minute. The boys were over the side spewing

Caught a heap of fish though unfortunately all undersize and were all released well. The boys got home safe but may have been turned of boating for a bit. I do realize there's nothing worse having been there myself. Fortunate we were able to get the boys back early on another boat that was with us.

On the way back it glassed of beautifully and could see everyone setting up for the night snapper session.
How did you guys go?

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 bhahaha poor buggars ..

Sat, 2015-07-04 20:54

 bhahaha poor buggars .. Bloke in 1st pic wins showed good technique being on one knee with a full extension bent out and away from boat gunnel , though had to mark down one point due to the plumbers crack ..  


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 Ha ha ha classic

Sat, 2015-07-04 23:31

 Ha ha ha classic stuff!!!!After all these years I still get a bit green on the shitty days if I forget my Kwell.


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