Denham/monkey mia

 Hey legends 

Just bought a nice little 3.8m plate ali tinny while I'm doing my cabin to centre console conversion on the leeder and need to christen it with a trip up north so shark bay is the pick for mid to end of July if anyone has any tips for the area as I've only fished it once before trolling is more my thing for pelagics I'm a confident skipper and can read the weather so not afraid to go a bit further in the smaller tub any pointer would be much appreciated 

Cheers guys 


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 Hey mate. I have only fished

Wed, 2024-05-29 14:48

 Hey mate. I have only fished there a couple of times, but found trolling out of the Denham side more productive. I simply looked for the birds and had pretty good success that way. Typically just headed west and north towards dh island. Unfortunately weather not been conducive to getting out ocean side of dh, so can't comment there, but have picked up decent tuna, Spanish mack and heaps of school mackerel.

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 Cheers sea goat last trip I

Thu, 2024-05-30 17:56

 Cheers sea goat last trip I was up there managed to get out wide up to correct island and did really well on everything being in a 3.8 tinny will restrict things a bit but see what magic can happen 


My names mark and i'm addicted to fishing