Not fishing. Wood collection.

 Heads up for all those who collect there own firewood.  The perth Hills Jarrahdale wood collection areas are closed!!! We are expected to use the Tumblo area, Dwellingup.  Ridiculous.  DEPOR strikes again

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 I'd expect it all to be shut

Mon, 2024-05-27 12:55

 I'd expect it all to be shut down in the next few years. People openly dropping trees and not following the rules. 


Does anyone know where the love of god goes, when the waves turn the minutes to hours?

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 Doesnt it rotate? 

Mon, 2024-05-27 13:04

 Doesnt it rotate? 

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 Yes it should rotate. But

Mon, 2024-05-27 15:23

 Yes it should rotate. But doesn't. I've been collecting wood from  Jarrahdale for years.  I haven't seen a ranger ever, so the people doing the wrong thing will just go for it unfortunately.  But for all those who gather there own it's just been made impossible,  watch the trees get cut down now! Instead of an area they can watch and license it'll be on for young and old. Same old shit close the beach access,  close free camping areas restrict your fishing until we give up. Just another freedom we will loose.

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Tue, 2024-05-28 14:15

 I just get a couple of ute loads of Whitegum from one of my families farms up in Chittering / Gin Gin area.



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Lucky for you

Wed, 2024-05-29 12:31

 fires on today


all aggressive fish love bigjohnsjigs