dept of transport (marine)

 i rang the dept of transport (marine ) again today 2 months ago i reported to them the nav aids of bent st boat ramp had moved , dont know about that i am told , well its a fact , if your using those nav aids at night you will run up on turn island its bloody dangerous , told i am new to this dept cant coment ,listen it needs to be fixed before sone 1 gets hurt , we cant be every where , me thats funny you can set up cameras in the swan river to book people but cant fix danger spots , ok we will get back to you, piss pour response i say , think rotto island  jetty colapse DOT  will be  in the shit for not acting on warnings if any 1 gets hurt 


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 I was down the Bent street

Sat, 2018-10-27 13:49

 I was down the Bent street ramp the day the contractors came in and relocated the markers so boaties would miss the sand build up, a lot narrower now. It was reported to DOT and they got onto it. FYI the city will dredge the channel again this year as soon as they get permission, they are considering a backhoe. All sand that is being removed will be trucked to the landfill area.


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