Disc Brakes for USA Trailer

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I need some advice / expertise on what I can do with my trailer (import from the US by previous owner).  I have a four wheel disc brake trailer that is in need of some TLC.  The main problem is that the disc’s and hubs are very rusty (flaking rust).  I removed as much rust from the discs as I could but the surface was still so corroded an uneven that it has chewed through the pads in about six months.  


I was planning to buy four new discs and be done with it but when I contacted the original manufacturer (brakes are called DB35 from a company called UFP) they have told me that the hubs are purpose built (not off a car or truck so no easy replacement) and that UFP don’t have any Australian distributors but I can buy in America and ship to Australia.  This is OK for the small items like bearings and seals but the four brake rotors are going to cost $950 in shipping alone due to their weight.  With all of the USA boats going around this must be a common problem but I don't know the solution.  I am not sure what to do next and so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.





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Similar problem

Tue, 2014-06-17 14:19

 I also have a Yankee trailer and needed to carry a spare hub and rotor took the sample to trailer parts and had it matched up calipers needed hauling but couldn't get a overhaul kit local.

Sent the calipers to Perth brake parts when they stripped them down the caliper kit was the same as something else so them overhauled as well

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 Give Roland at Tow Safe in

Tue, 2014-06-17 14:38

 Give Roland at Tow Safe in ozzy park a call. They're set up to look after the US built trailers.

He's done my rotors, bearings, calipers before and does a great job for a reasonable price. He's Mobile too.

upgrade to stainless calipers if you havnt already. 



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 Have a closer look at the

Tue, 2014-06-17 14:54

 Have a closer look at the actual axle stubs, you will quite likely find that it is a standard yank size.

Im a bit hazy on it now but the yank standard 3500lb axle is a #86 stub?

If so, you can source Deemax or Kodiak hubs, discs etc to bolt straight on as Im fairly confident that all the yank 3500, 5000 and 7000lb axles are a standard bearing/stub size.

Google the details, takes a little bit but all the info is available online.

I bought a used set of SS Kodiak discs/calipers (4) from over east for $1K, mate I have not had to touch them.

Martins Trailer parts (ask for Brett Martin) at Wangara knows everything you need to know about Deemax/ Kodiak and is very easy to talk to and helpful.

Best bet is to go in rather than ring.


Also shop around on the shipping from US, I just ordered a heap of Suzi parts-maybe 5 kilos. Cost $45 USPS and arrived today (9 days Florida to Gero!)


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 I will pm you when I get

Tue, 2014-06-17 15:02

 I will pm you when I get home. But yeh I changed 3500lbs drums out for kodiak 225s for a very good price.

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I just bit the bullet and got

Tue, 2014-06-17 15:32

I just bit the bullet and got new axles from Martins now all of my consumable trailer parts are standard Australian parts. Except the rollers which I now have to find a few of.

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I just looked up the UFP DB35

Tue, 2014-06-17 20:49

I just looked up the UFP DB35 and got a couple of different bearing sizes.


1 is the same as the #86  size rob mentioned.

Inner Bearing = L168149

Outer Bearing = L44649

Which would mean you could use a standard US kit like this :



Which is what i used and they are brilliant. Was about $1000 landed from memory and easy as anything to install.


If they are the other sizes you will probably find Kodiak have a kit to fit it. What trailer/ axle do you have ?

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ufp db35

Wed, 2014-06-18 08:19

I just ordered and received four complete sets of Db35 calipers from Shadow trailers in USA (see website below).  Arrived in 7 days and cost US$280 for the lot, including pads etc. Shipping was $75 extra.  While they say they are universal calipers, get left and right as the bleeder should be at the top when fitting.  They also sell rotors on their website and complete kits including calipers and rotors.  My existing calipers were OK as they were the aluminium ones, but the brake pads had rusted away from the steel backing plate. For the price I thought I would buy the lot and have the others for spares. The website is http://www.trailerandtruckparts.com/UFP-Disc-Brakes_c_232.html.  Their shipping is cheaper than others as they use Fedex.

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Hi All, Thanks for the great

Wed, 2014-06-18 09:43

Hi All,


Thanks for the great responses.  I am not exactly sure what size axel I have but my bearings are 25580 (inner) and LM67048 (outer).  I will give that trailer and truck place a call for a quote.





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 I have the same hubs 

Wed, 2017-08-23 05:58

 I have the same hubs 

US spares can be very very hard to get.  And all  US hubs aren't the same. Ie  a dexter will not fit an ufp hub.  eastern marine in the US is a one stop shop but post is crazy.  I found a mob in Melb that can help. Karavan trailers 


keep This in mind.  Use the grease seals from the UD. Local ones even though the same size just don't fit well 


 Your hub is called a Ufp db 35 12 inch 


hope this helps 

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Karavan trailers

Wed, 2017-08-23 14:11

 Same as Mick123 says Karavan trailers stocks the hubs bearings brake calipers everything for UFP hubs. I have found that the UFP brake pads are a piece of shit and wear out quickly anyway but there is an ozzie manufacturer that make the same size pads. Bendix GCT DB1335 brake pads will fit and you can get from repco and last a hell of a lot longer.

Hope this helps you mate.

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Mon, 2017-09-11 14:55

 I had a similar system on my trailer - got fed up of having trouble sourcing parts - so just ripped the brake calipers, pads etc out and replaced with locally made Alco stuff - which you can get from Martins - made my life a lot easier