Need new engine

Went out the back of Rottnest yesterday and noticed a wiff of oil when I started the motor. Anyway the motor ran perfectly for 55 nm at 5000 rpm.

I was suspicious as 2 yrs ago the 2000 Yamaha 80 4stroke developed a hole from one of the cooling channels into the cylinder head. I had the head repaired at a head reconditioning business and have got about 100 hrs out of it since then for $1400 all up.

Checked the oil on return and the level is high with milky froth in the dipstick tube so I think that cooling water is getting into the oil again.

I suspect that its time for a new engine, I'm relatively happy with the 22 foot banana boat and trailer which are the same age. I don't think you could sell a rig with a forked motor anyway. I am thinking about a new Yamaha as all the holes in the centre consol and transom could be reused. Yamaha still sell the same engine in 80 and 100 which is a 1596cc engine with a very long production run, or a newer engine of 1832cc in a 75 or 90hp which is 10kg lighter. Any recommendations on which is the better motor and what do you do with the old one? Also do you really need an extra long 25in leg on a banana boat?



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 not good news at all. you

Sun, 2017-09-10 18:13

 not good news at all. you can sell the boat without a donk but wont get a lot back. if your happy with the boat put a new one on. 

not too sure but arent most mounting holes the same. if you go through a dealer to fit it they should get rid of the old if not sell for parts and get something back. 

if its got an xl on it you need to put the same back on unless you can lower the mount on the transom


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