Downriggers in WA is it a thing


ive just picked up a box of tackle and boat bits at a garage sale and in it is a down rigger and some attachments

Are these used much in WA and has anyone had any success

these is  a little on YouTube  of the yanks using them but I thought they maybe handy trawling deep for makies

keen to hear people's thaoughts

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 Yeh mate, I used one for a

Fri, 2021-07-30 02:32

 Yeh mate, I used one for a bit till I lost it overboard, lots of options with a down rigger.  They just take up too much space and you need to mount it properly


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Can be handy but

Fri, 2021-07-30 08:54

 Have used one when living up north to target specific depth contours along reef fronts, like 10-15m edges for trolling trout.  Good for demersals when depth is not changing much and your  bait or lure is minimal diving or neutral, so it stays close to the same depth as the weight, but a lot of mucking around  when depths are going up and down over short distances if you are trying to put the lure close to the bottom. Especially if you fish solo. Also there is a bit of drop back when the fish strikes, which can sometimes see you bricked before you pull up solid. These days I only  occasionally dust mine off more for a bit of a play, when I want to try something different.