Dual screen Navionics

Hi, just wondering if any of you have come across this issue or anything similar. Running a gen1 HDS 8 and gen2 HDS 7 connected with Ethernet cables via structure scan module. With navionics gold card installed in the 7, when looking at chart page on the 8, can only see base map that comes standard with unit, i.e. no chart data that shows on the 7. HDS 8 chart options has navionics selected as map source but it appears as though the data from card in 7 doesn't transfer. My question is if this is possible to set up so the Navionics data transfer between units. Two units do communicate ok as can plot a WPT on one and it shows on the other. Having to buy another card to view on your second screen when you've already purchased one at $400 seems a bit rich. Any ideas, a quick site search didnt put me onto anything? Cheers

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Map sharing

Fri, 2017-04-21 12:31

Looking at the interwebs it says map sharing between GEN1 and GEN2 doesn't work. GEN2 and GEN2 touch and up can share but GEN1 can't. 

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Map Share

Fri, 2017-04-21 14:24

 No worries, pity, that function would have been handy. Thanks