dunsborough trip

HI guys. heading down to dunsborough over the weekend with the missus and little one...unfiortunately no boat as trailer still being repaired!...havent done much fishing down here, but had heard that you can pick up a few crabs, so was hoping to snorkel off the beach...wondering if this is a viablke opiton, was thining of heading near the boat ramp and swimming around some of the morrings? any idea as to whether this is a watse of time or not?

also was wondering if there are any areas where snorkeling for crays off the shore is an option? havent had a chance to check yet, but is dunsborough subject to the same abalone rules/season as perth?

getting a bit desperate as missed the aesome weather this weekend, so need to make up for it!



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 Crabs can be a bit hit and

Mon, 2019-02-25 17:11

 Crabs can be a bit hit and miss. I usually get a feed snorkeling. Keep your eye open for the occys there is some beauties down there. Any of the rocky headlands can have crays of course hit the ones out the way a bit too improve your chances.

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awesome! Cheers! will

Mon, 2019-02-25 19:05

awesome! Cheers! will definitely look for the will be a laugh if i actually find one!