Leader strenghth for demersl soft plastics

 I went way out west yesterday...how good was the weather!

I was using a 20lb main line ( bit light but it gets the jigs down )and 50 lb leader with soft plastic

when i hooked a substantial something that was heavy and bucking. i started to slowly work it up after about 2 minuites

something gave....and i thought oh no my leader knot has failed...when i wound in my leader

was still tied on via the FG knot ( thank goodness. I would have been gutted to lose a fish via knot failure )

All i could see at the working end of my trace was one rather large knick around 80 mm from where it now ended. No abrasion marks at all,

So what do you think may have happened....and is 50lb heavy enough for that application ie Dhuies and snapper on 

soft plastics

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My opinion and experience

Sun, 2019-02-24 06:44

Is that when jigging 50lb leader is pretty much perfect for demersals. Main reason being is it is rare that they swallow the jig down the whole way and have their mouth / teeth rubbing on the leader. With fishing plastics I find you need to go slightly heavier with the leader. That’s because plastics will often get swallowed down when struck by the fish, therefore it often has the fish’s mouth/ teeth rubbing on the leader. Also when using plastics, most people use some form of a loop knot to get maximum action from the jig head and plastic. I sometimes find the loop knot to be the regular breaking point of the leader, since it has knots and kinks in the line at the point where the knot is. When using plastics, try 60 or even 70lb.




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i use

Sun, 2019-02-24 08:08

 pe 2 sunline siglon with a 40lb leader when slow jigging and this works great.



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I run 30-60lb black magic

Sun, 2019-02-24 16:47

I run 30-60lb black magic fluoro and can’t say i’ve many dramas.. make sure it’s fluorocarbon.. mono is super soft and will wear through quickly  

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Sun, 2019-02-24 20:13

 Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I will go up in leader breaking strain and give the Fluorocarbon a run.

Landing a good fish is a priceless experience, we spend money on tackle, boats, fuel so I certainly want to avoid 

too many unnecessary losses......

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Fluoro carbon is the key

Mon, 2019-02-25 20:07

Fluoro carbon is the key mate, it has really good abrasion resistance. Stops rub through, no fun losing fish

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I use 20lb main and 60lb

Sun, 2019-02-24 20:50

I use 20lb main and 60lb leader.
Landed a 20kg dhuie in 45m using this on a soft plastic.but we did have to pull up the sea anchor and chase the fish as it almost spooled me

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 In metro 50lb fluoro leader

Mon, 2019-02-25 14:15

 In metro 50lb fluoro leader for jigs & placcys for me. Never had any dramas. 


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