engel repair.

 Engel repairs,  who does a good fair priced repair ?

My 48 litre Engel has slowly been gettind worse, not freezing then not getting as cool, then half the cold plate only cooling, now only a small area cooling to the touch. It's about six years old, MT-45 litre.

I called the Engle service number and was told before I could explain much, the woman said $750.oo for a new compressor unit, or $900.oo for the bigger one, that was it. If they serviced it , it got a new unit, they dont repair old compressor units.

I suspect a gas leak, which would need to be fixed and regassed, I no longer have the  tools to repair myself. Worked with grandad who was a refridgeration mech.

I think if I am going to spend that kind of money I will get a new Waeco for that price, I have had a couple of waeco car fridges, probably 15 yeard old and one still going strong, the other sold several years ago.

Bought two Stirling Adventuridge 50 litre units that have run nonstop over the last six years, both still going fine. One involved in a vehicle write of, display isn't the best, but no issues. $400.oo each new.

Paying north of $1400.oo for a carfridge I expect better than 6 years ,baring accidents, but for $700.oo or less , I expect to have to replace around ten years or so. Maybe my expectations are to high.??

Regards Marrisy.



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Tue, 2021-02-02 10:35

That's pretty much the way it is with Engel, unless its something small electrical you have to replace either the cold plate or the whole motor/compressor arrangement which is getting close to writing off the value of the fridge. Not a problem if you have owned it for 20 years I guess but 6 is a bit short.

I'm a big fan of Engels but like you say there are other options that are just as reliable and offer better fridge layouts and options at a far better price, Engel been a bit caught behind the times IMO their sizes aren't too accommodating to the camper/caravan market

I have been using a 96l dual zone Evakool for some time now along with my 40l Engel, performs as good cooling and freezing with relatively low current draw and at half the price of the equivalent sized Engel it was a no brainer for me

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Gun Mart and Tackle

Tue, 2021-02-02 10:49


Gun Mart and Tackle Midland do (or did Engel repairs) in the shop next door, all the same business, give them a call.



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Engeland in Balcatta

Tue, 2021-02-02 11:25

 Give Engeland in Balcatta a call too.  They repair.

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 Engel and im Balcatta. no

Tue, 2021-02-02 18:01

 Engel and in Balcatta. no brainer.

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Not sure if this will help at

Thu, 2021-02-04 09:42

Not sure if this will help at all but a colleague was able to fix his engel by turning it off, then turning it upside down. Something to do with a valve or connection getting a small blockage which becomes dislodged when you turn the fridge upside down. He described the issue he had as 'the compressor runs but fridge doesnt get very cold' or didnt get cool below ~+5C when engels are made to go to -20C.


Hope that helps.

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 Will try the flip,  nothing

Sat, 2021-02-06 14:33

 Will try the flip,  nothing to lose and might work.

Will leave it inverted for a couple of days..

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Plus one to Coyote_Dave

Thu, 2021-02-04 10:32

My daughter did exactly the same to hers about 4 years ago and it hasn't skipped a beat since.

Found the trick on google.

I have to say I was sceptical, but it worked. 

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That's a great tip

Thu, 2021-02-04 10:39

That's a great tip

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Avoid Engel balcatta.

Thu, 2021-02-04 12:29

Speaking first hand, They are cunts. I googled them after my bad experience, and whaddya know, most other people think the same. 

engel in midland have done good, honest, reliable and moderately priced work to my Engels over the years. 

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Thu, 2021-02-04 12:54

The guy in midland is very good.

my 40l I bought in 2005 stopped getting cold.

diagnosis. New compressor

supply and fit was about $600 from memory.

 the older green Engels I think responds to the flip. My newer one didn't.

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Coyote Dave,

Fri, 2021-02-26 18:43

 After reading your reply, turned the Engle upside down, today I got around to turning it back up, was advised to go quarter turn and leave for an hour, then go upright.

IT worked, thanks. Its an MT 45F-GS-5.

After the rude treatment at the Engle repair place I alreadypurchased a Waeco, so now have one for the boat. Bonus.

Thanks again for the advice.