Ep. 2 More salmon out of casting range, proper Tailor on stickbait!

This was filmed first weekend in March and the weekend after the first video I posted.
Looks like the same large school was hanging in the surf, out of casting range again. 
Day 2, we couldn't see the large school but had a couple of smaller schools in it's place that finally came a reasoanble distance from the beach.
Quality Tailor for Chris that must have been sitting in the Salmon school. 
Have found the new best beach camping spot I've ever stayed in as well.

Sound issues are improving, I now have a deadcat to put over the mic. My next challenge is filming the strike on the lure with the drone. Damn the fish can move fast when they want to!
Click on the title and watch in youtube for better quality. Enjoy.

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Looks good

Fri, 2018-06-29 15:14

 Much easier to watch with the improved sound! Good job  

Wonder if you could 'spook' the salmon toward the shore with the drone?



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 Thanks mate. Spending a bit

Sat, 2018-07-07 19:03

 Thanks mate. 
Spending a bit more time on getting the sound right and recording 'sounds' of the enviroment.
It's funny you say that, I have audio of us just talking shit and Chris floats that exact idea, I dont think its big enough to phase the fish at all, though I should have tried a low fast pass with a shadow and see if they darted away thinking it was a bird of prey.