Exmouth Fishing Report - 17th August

Fishing Report #30 - 17th Aug 2006 - Courtesy of Scott Forbes

Gavin “Chook” Daniels weighed in a genuine 30kg Spaniard during week. The big mack was taken in 16m of water at Tantabiddi out of a 4.2m dinghy. It took a 7m deep diving Halco Laser Pro and despite using 80lb braid still gave “Chook” and his deckie Rick plenty of grief when it came to the boat. Gavin and his catch are pictured this week with the scales proving the fishing story.

Richard Black who has just moved into town from Broome and is working at the hatchery for Kailis was fishing in Exmouth for his first time during the week out from Tantabiddi in his 12ft tinny. He got the surprise of his life when a 80kg black marlin decided to take a liking to the skipping gar Richard was trolling out the back. A nearby boat took some photos for Richard, who was extremely grateful, however he forgot to get their details so if that was you please drop in to Bluewater Tackleworld Exmouth and we will pass on your details to Richard who is keen to get hold of some photos.

Red emperor have been the main target for bottom fisherman and there has been some good catches from unusually shallow water. Big reds have been reported from as shallow as 20m right out to 100m of water ranging from out near the Muiron islands to right inside the Gulf. According to reports the boxed calamari is the best bait for the reds.

Squid have been prolific in both the gulf and inside the reef at Tantabiddi. If you’re chasing a feed of squid it is most important to fish the rising tide period, especially the top of the tide.

Judging by the amount of long shank hooks we are selling lately it is quite clear that the yellowfin whiting must be running along the gulf beaches at the moment. Segments of prawns seem to work best and a light outfit with a light sinker gently lobbed in to the water around the high tide should get good results.

[img_assist|fid=41733|thumb=0|alt=30kg Mackie]


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