Exmouth Fishing Report #31

Exmouth Game Fishing Report - #31 - 24th August, 06. Courtesy of Scott Forbes.

Keen fly fisherman Ryan Mumford who is over on holiday from Merimbula in Victoria had a great day out at the islands during the week. Ryan who is more used to throwing flies at smaller species like bream and estuary perch back home got a huge buzz out of fishing for species like queenfish, cobia and trevally all of which Ryan managed to catch on the fly gear. Ryan is pictured this week with a good size queenfish caught on the Fly rod.

We are still receiving an amazing amount of reports of small black marlin being caught out behind Tantabiddi and the Muiron islands. Anglers fishing in boats as small as 4m have been encountering the marlin in depths ranging as shallow as 20m, although more consistent catches have been reported in 100m of water. Small skirted lures like the Williamson Ballyhoo and the Black Magic Maggot seem to be producing best results. Yellowfin Tuna and some big Spanish mackerel are also being encountered by those fishing Tantabiddi waters.

Blue lined emperors have kept anglers fishing the sheltered waters of the gulf happy with most returning back to the ramp with a good feed. The odd spangled emperor have been mixed in with the Blue lined emperors. Anglers must be aware of a mixed bag of 4 Norwest snapper species and also that the size limit on the spangled emperor is 41cm as opposed to the blue lined emperor which only have to be 32cm.If you are unsure if you have caught a spangled or blue lined as both species look very similar it is best to take the safe option and return anything under 41cm back into the water. It is worth keeping in mind there is a detailed Fisheries pamphlet available on the different Norwest snapper species.

Learmonth jetty has been painted black with squid ink over past week. During the high tide period the jetty has been firing with a large number of squid being caught each day. Bream, flathead and whiting have also been encountered off the jetty by those dangling a bit of fresh bait.

[img_assist|fid=45232|thumb=0|alt=Queenie - Ryan Mumford]


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Williamson Ballyhoo's are

Fri, 2006-09-01 18:05

Williamson Ballyhoo's are awesome lures, havent tried one myself but heard pretty good reports so far.

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mmhm sure are, such great

Sun, 2006-09-03 22:25

mmhm sure are, such great lures if you can in the situation where you can use them they are sure to go off! such a great versatile lure there is 4 spots where hooks can be inserted into there life like bodies. they can be riged as skip baits or even swiming baits, you can bythem with a sailfish pusher on there nose in a single pack wich retail at 20 buks normaly that works dinamite on the tuna and even marlin, and best of all it saves hours catching the damn ballyhoo's having to rig em up and then loosing them firts time to an anoying stripy, these garrs cum bak most of the time after hooking up like new, great product by williamson!!!!