Exmouth May 2017

Guy from Rockingham travelling to Exmouth Departing April 29th
Early Morning Via Indian Ocean Drive with Camper trailer in tow
Looking for poss fishing buddy
share fuel and camping costs
going to be land based fishing (poss boat hire for 1 week)
booked into Exmouth Big 4 Rac Caravan park for 14 nights
Have been a few times and had a ball
if anyone interested get back to me and we can sort out details

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 Hi mate, I will be going up

Wed, 2017-04-12 21:50

 Hi mate, I will be going up to Exmouth at around the same time. Will be mostly landbased, but looking for someone to go out on a boat with for a couple days. Would be willing to share fuel/drink costs etc. If you're interested just give me a yell. 


Love anyrhing outdoors, fishing, boating camping and 4wding are just some of my interests. 

Ways ready to wet a line!

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Fri, 2017-04-14 22:15

Hi BunburySeahorse
have only just seen your reply
am off to Exmouth on 29th April will be arriving Exmouth 1st May, I'm staying at Big 4 caravan park in town,shall be bringing my Fishing Yak but am up for poss sharing cost of
hiring a boat whilst there,if you are still interested let me know and any details you have ie where you are staying
Brimhunter (Chris)