Exmouth Report - 16-02-06

Fishing Report 16-02-06 - Courtesy of Scott Forbes

Flies and more flies! We just can’t seem to get rid of them, and what a pest they are, especially when you are trying to fish. Several boys from the Bluewater Perth stores have been on holidays, chasing all sorts of species. Lewis Mounsher caught a mack-tuna on a soft plastic lure near Bundegi, along with some gold spot trevally and queenfish. Dominic Prezwanski caught four bonefish on soft plastics from shore, two Spanish mackerel on shallow diving 190 Laser Pros from the dinghy and got blitzed on spangled emperor several times in both places.

Other anglers have not had such luck with the moon in its full phase, which is always a good excuse. The luck was certainly aboard local charter boats with Reel Teaser raising over thirty billfish in just three days. However, staying connected to the 28 strikes was not so lucky. The crew managed to stay connected to eight of them. If you pass Blair Mc Hutchinson in town I’m sure he is still smiling after tagging two marlin on his first day out chasing them. His parents were also smiling when he brought home a fresh feed of wahoo, which was also a first catch for Blair. Sascha O’Meara also caught her first marlin during her day out and other local charter boat Indizara managed to tag three fish on one day out. Most of these fish were small, although a few big ones around the 200kg mark were hooked and dropped.

Brett Stevens has moved to town to open up the new Exmouth Mini Golf on the old Toll West site. Brett has managed to sneak a few hours fishing in between working hard and landed a beautiful coronation trout and coral trout this week. A great introduction to town!

The Exmouth Game Fishing Club ‘Knots and Rigging Session’ will be held on Sunday the 12th of March at the Yacht Club from 4-6pm. The Sunday session also starts at this time, so come down for a fishy talk, good music and a few relaxing drinks. For those wanting to gear up for the Introduction Day or Gamex the following week, bring your rods and reels down and we can show you knots to tie, leader lengths, suggested lures to use, safe handling of fish at boatside, tagging of billfish and much more. For further information contact Jeni on 9949 1315.

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