Wednesday Report

Gribbo and Ryan Thripthorp headed out yesterday for a spot of fishing. North of the five fathom they saw a big bait school with lots of birds working... Trolling a few lures past and around resulted in a yellowtail king taking a skirted lure. Holding the fish near the boat Ryan then flicked a snapback to the kings mates which resulted in an immediate hookup. Trolling to the back of Rottnest they found another bait school being worked by birds, after no luck with the skirts they tried casting into the school with metal slices which resulted in a couple of 5kg southern bluefin tuna being landed. Out at the containers the current was moving too fast to jig properly so they headed back in. A quick stop at mewstones on the way back saw a good sized tailor landed on a red snapback. They only managed to land a few fish all day but said the success of the snapbacks were awesome and the amount of baitfish around was getting them excited about a very late, but red hot pelagic season!


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Thu, 2006-02-23 14:53

YTK is interesting - no idea of size?

We pulled a skirted lure past the mac tuna's Monday for nada, all our hookups were on a large raider.

We didn't see any YTK's but thats not to say they weren't in the neighborhood - we just didn't see em is all!

Southern Blues mightta been fun.

Wonder what the water temps are doing?

Colder - warmer?


I have a suspicion this pelagic activity mightn't last! Hope I'm wrong!


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Thu, 2006-02-23 15:17

Think they were only rat YTK's, bout 4-5kg. They got some photos so I will try get them to send a few through. The water temps were around 23 behind Rotto. When we were inshore on the 3 mile last Sunday the water temp were only 21-21.5 which is pretty cold considering the current usually moves strongly through the area. Hopefully it lasts, crossing the fingers!


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