Exmouth Trip

Hi all

Heading to Exmouth in June and staying at Yardie Creek Homestead. 
Taking my 5mtr Quintrex.

What can we expect to catch in close and out wide on good days and also are there any places to get mud crabs around the place.


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Hey mate, last time we were

Sat, 2020-02-22 11:03

Hey mate, last time we were there we launched from the creek and headed out and got all sorts. Were in a 5m Stacer, got out to 100-150m pretty quick. Trolled around the reef edges and got a Spaniard and yellowfin tuna. Bottom bashing a bit deeper got Robinson’s sea bream, honeycomb cod, lots of redthroat, a small shark ( and had heaps of big ones stealing our catch), and I can’t remember what else.

sharks were a bugger. Once they were there u had to move.

not sure about mud crabs. 20 years ago u could get them in yardie creek, but as far as I’m aware that’s all protected now?

hopefullythe wind plays the game!