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Heading up to Sharkbay, Coral Bay and Exmouth at the end of june with a girlfiend from Austria for 3 weeks, I was planning on a lot of fishing and this time not using so much bait. My question to all you pros out there are wich soft plastics and minnows work a treat in said locations. Main species ill be targeting are Spangos, Black Snapper, Queenies, GTS and Jacks. Also any of you guys know a great spot for a feed of muddies??? Any help would be appreciated. Have used the search button but didnt get a huge amount of information. Ill be sure to post many pictures of the catch and maybe a sneaky picture or two of my sexy Austrian friend in her bikini if theres a decent reply.




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Tue, 2013-06-04 06:29

When I was in Exmouth and was inshore in the dinghy or shore based I was doing pretty well with these guys.


Having a look back through the photos I caught Black Snapper, Tusk Fish, Estuary Cod and my gf caught a school mackeral on one on the drop after it was cast.  Anything is possible up there:D





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Tue, 2013-06-04 09:03


After recently coming back from Exmouth myself there was a few stand out lures that were doing most of the damage.

As for soft plastics the Mcarthy Paddle tails were killing it on Coral trout, Coronation trout, Spanglies, Jobfish, Trevally and a stack of other fish. Colours that worked well were Cherry Ice, Lavender shad and Chrystella. If mackies are a drama then Zman Streakz 5" are highly elastic which can cop a few more bities before giving up.

Stick baits that worked well on Smaller trevally and healthy sized queenfish were Maria Blues code 90mm and Gladiator ocean potion 110mm in the sinking model. Colour wasnt too much of an issue for them.

These lures will work very well in Sharkbay and Coral bay too.

As for mud crabs try around the bay of rest area when in Exmouth.



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