first snapper (pink)

this photo is from a couple years ago but just came across it again and thought i would share it.

it is the first snapper that my cousin caught and the 3rd caught in our own tinnie. we were fishing in port phillip bay (victoria) and had just bought our first boat. a piece of shit beat up 3.7m tinnie with a 15hp yamaha. the only info we had was to head out to the 18m line. so of we go at first light (had no lights on the tinnie so had to wait for light) and armed with a handheld GPS headed out in perfect flat conditions (10km out in to the bay). halfway out the GPS shits itself so we just keep going for a bit then decide to drop anchor. 10 minutes latter the first rod goes off, and i grab it first. then when my fish is halfway up the next rod goes off and my cousin grabs it and the line is screaming off the drag. he pulls it in and it turns out to be a 82cm big red (6kg), our PB to this date. (not big by WA standards but a decent fish for VIC). he was stoked, as you can tell by the pic. 

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good snapper in any state.

Sat, 2014-03-08 21:25

Well done, will take a bit of effort to beat that size and have your families biggest PB.

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Looks pretty happy with that

Sun, 2014-03-09 09:23

Looks pretty happy with that , well done on the PB .


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 That'll put a smile on

Sun, 2014-03-09 09:25

 That'll put a smile on anyones dial, well done.