First trout experience

 Hey everyone.

I never thought I'd be into fishing but the last 6 months has seen me fish for and catch herring and salmon. 

Now I'm looking into trout fishing. Not fly. 

I live in Margs and was wondering where would be the closest place to start trout fishing?

What rod, reel and lures should I buy?

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Trout season

Mon, 2015-05-18 21:54

 Trout have season in W.A with only a week left, closing on the 30th June. It will re open on the 1st September. 

However, there are a few waters open all year .

Freshwater angling waters open all year

• Big Brook Dam • Blackwood River • Donnelly River • Glen Mervyn Dam • Logue Brook Dam • Murray River • Serpentine River (between the Serpentine PipeHead Dam and Serpentine Falls only) • Warren River • Wellington Dam

Fishing in the streams, brooks and tributaries flowing into the rivers and dams above is also permitted during the closed freshwater angling season.

So a few options still available close to your home town. 

Just a light spinning rod (1 to 3 kg) 6lb mono or braid,  and 6 - 8lb leader should be ok . Pretty much any Bream rod would do the job. 

For lures check out this thread i made a while ago,

There are lots more lures on the market now, but to begin with the spinner types are cheep and produce good fish, they also cast very well and you can cover large areas of water in the dams.

Some cheep hard bodies are ok but i find most have a terrible action, so i tend to stay with trusted brands, but not necesarily the most expensive. 

Search some of the threads on the site, there are lots of good reports from various members. 

Cheers Grant .. 


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Tue, 2015-05-19 08:29

Thanks heaps Grant.
Is the Logue Brook Dam also called Lake Brockman?
I think I might try Big Brook Dam this weekend.

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Tue, 2015-05-19 13:54

Yes , most dams have two names for some reason. Logue brook is lake Brockman.
This time of the year is not too bad because not a lot of skiers during winter.
During summer I try to only fish the dams that don't allow power boats. Harvey, Drakes brook and Big Brook.
I think they put quite a few trout in Big Brook last year and its a really nice place to start.
You can walk around the whole dam with parking at a few spots only.
Plenty of small redfin in there too. I use Celta type spinners and RMG scorpion hard bodies there.
If any water is running into the dam fish around those spots as the fish wait for stuff that flushes down and it creates aeration as well.

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Sounds like a plan!

Tue, 2015-05-19 14:51

 Awesome! I'm heading into town Thursday to get a rod and lures. Just paid for the fishing license. 

Thanks for the tips. I will have another look at your list of lures and get a few of those. 

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Thu, 2015-10-15 08:33

 So, how did you go, Greenroom?  Any joy with the trout?