Swan river bream

Hey all,
Like most people these days, I'm short on time. I don't have the time to get away for extended beach sessions, so my new target is swan bream as the river is close to home.

When I fish baits, there is heaps of baby bream. If im finding small bream, are the bigger bream close or am I in the wrong area?
The plan is to move from baits to lures, but need to know Im fishing the right spots first

Lately I've been around Bayswater which is close, but have fished from Mt Lawley to Guildford.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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 Use bigger baits and get

Thu, 2015-10-22 15:15

 Use bigger baits and get them in closer to structure. Use lighter line, preferrably fluorocarbon.

If you don't get a good one in a while, move onto a new spot like you would flicking lures (but don't move too much, give each spot a fair go)
Also fish low light periods and night time.


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 Light line. With a running

Thu, 2015-10-22 16:16

 Light line. With a running sinker or a split shot and if no current or wind  no weight at all....as above said cast at snags and  in shaded areas. I find high tide is more productive   

Prawns  shelled or whole  

I caught biggest my biggest bream  45cm + on whitebait on gangs on a handling pissfarting around when I was younger 

they nail anything when they are hungry 

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Cheers guys. Im fishing 4lb

Thu, 2015-10-22 18:57

Cheers guys. Im fishing 4lb braid and 6pb fluorocarbon leader. I use a shiner hook with whole headless prawn, and a small ball sinker.

If im finding small fish, am I fishing the right spots? Do I just need to fish through the juvenile fish to get to size fish?




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 I reckon that the head helps

Sun, 2015-11-01 17:31

 I reckon that the head helps a lot, but sometimes I just cut the whole prawn up, I'm heading down to castle dare miniature railway soon in the canning river, back to basics with a circle hook, old rod and reel, rod holder, of coarse my trusty bike and the bait.

i like the rig where you have a swivel, bout a metre of 6lb fluoro and then a circle hook and a whole prawn, it worked so well for me until I tried new stuff but I reckon I caught more fish that way so yeah... Rig looks like this

~-----------------------------------------J(prawn here)

up river I find the wind is usually not too strong and the blowies don't come up that far so just make it as tasty looking as possible, cast in close and just wait. 

I also do kayak fishing and find drifting around the river slowly fishing different snags is awesome as well.


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Thu, 2015-10-22 19:26

 Yep , just keep going and you will soon start hooking a few larger fish. The start of this season has been hard to find the fish, ive been going further up stream from Guilford and having better results.

Not sure if you are landbased ? but if so keep walking along the bank flicking prawns at every likley looking snag , drop off, reed banks etc . I use 6lb F/C leader for plastics and prefer 12lb for baits so i dont lose so many fish to the snags.

Check out this video i made, i go through the way i bait fish with whole prawns.   youtu.be/Tab-GAkYgq4

Cheers Grant