Fish casually cruising boatside

 Hello all.


I just wanted to share an experience i had this afternoon out of Onslow in 45m.


While jigging for some reefies, i saw a large black shadow cruising on my side of the boat, about 2m away, and at a guess, 1m below the surface.  At first i thought it was a shark but as the shadow came closer, the dorsal fin shape became clearer, and then i saw the bill, and yelled out to my skipper mate, f**k it's a marlin!!


As my mate jumped over to my side to confirm, i was frantically winding my jig in a hope to have something to throw in front of this casually cruising marlin (it was the only thing i could think of at the time), and unfortunately something struck about half way up.... damn it!  Up came an undersized spaniard, but by this stage tbe marlin had gone.


I've only ever raised a marlin, never hooked or landed one, hence my excitement in seeing one in the wild with my own eyes.  I'm still in awe at how it was just casually cruising by.


Maybe next time i'll be more preppared with a gar or skirt pre-rigged... if there is a next time.







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 I was on a charter in

Sun, 2017-08-06 22:28

 I was on a charter in Broome. We were all bottom bouncing and a sail swam past, half a boat length away. Skipper lost his shit throwing stuff at it but not interested.

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 How's the weather up there?

Mon, 2017-08-07 00:14

 How's the weather up there? Im coming beginning of sept and staying at thevenard. Hoping the winds not too bad?


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They'll do that.

Mon, 2017-08-07 06:14

 Sais who swim up to a drifting/ anchored boat will usually take a gar or mulie. We had a very small , 30kg or less Black follow a hard bodied lure in  at Ningaloo this year, being retrieved at the end of a troll. I chucked a gar on heavy spin gear at it, and it promptly snaffled it, only to have the hook not set. Another day, we were anchored, killing time, when a good school of mahi adopted us as a fad. Nice size fish, they just kept circling and could not be interested in anything we threw at them, bait or lure. I suspect a couple of hardiheads on a small circle may have done the trick

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 Coming into Gnaraloo bay one

Mon, 2017-08-07 06:45

 Coming into Gnaraloo bay one day ion around 10m of water we had a Sail casually cruise past the boat without a care in the world, the colours were an amazing purple with the sun on him. We were trolling at the time and once he got near the lures ho got spooked and took off like a rocket.


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Had a sail come up to the

Mon, 2017-08-07 08:42

Had a sail come up to the starboard short corner in very shallow stuff cruising over bombies hoping for some smashing coral trout. A sail looked at the short corner, refused it and came past us on its side giving us the evil eye. Apparently a X Rap wasn't what he was after. Was all lit up and a spectacular site.


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Mon, 2017-08-07 12:35

 I'll never forget the day I went out from Dampier one day to the back of Kendrew Is
It was a perfgect glass off day and when I was approaching, I noticed a stick poking diagaonlly out of the water
as I got closer, I saw that it was a sailfish's bill and it was almost sunbathing; totally motionless as I motored up to it with my old Pacey's 175 2stroke merc "purring away"
more surprising was the 1-15 (hard to count) others doing the same thing - never seen it before and it sticks in my head even to this day
Yes, we tried throwing gardies at them - not the least bit interested.
was an awesome sight though