Fishfinder Transducer

 G'Day All,

I have an Simrad Evo 2 9"touchscreen unit with a large tranducer (which I assume is for the sonar/structure scan?


There are two other transducers fitted to the transom, one is an Airmar but I know nothing about it's specs etc nor exactly what it is for.


The third looks to be a smaller unit (bullet shaped) and possibly Lowrence???? This unit has a broken stem. I assume this is for the fish finder but am not certain. Anyway, can anyone assist me on this and if so what would be a suitable replacement for the last snapped unit?


The boat has an Etec 90 but is of a vintage just prior to being able to install a backbone for Nema and to have my range/speed and temps (water/motor etc).

I would also be very open to any assistance on operating the structure scan better as it appears to be dark arts to me so I never use it (if any of you do does this mean you don't use the fishfinder or do you keep flicking between the two?


Cheers in advance

Tight lines