Fishing / Camping in Dwellingup this weekend

Hi everyone. I am going camping with friends in Dwellingup this weekend and wouldn’t mind getting some fishing in. I’m not really good with land based fishing and am going with people who wouldn’t have a clue either so i wouldn’t mind some help if possible. The website for Lane Pool reserve in Dwellingup mentions that the Murray River has endless places to cast a line and includes fish like Rainbow Trout, Redfin Perch, Cobbler & Marron. Would i need a freshwater and marron licence and based on the info on the Recfishwest app would you suggest I only really keep the Redfin for eating? I’d have to google marron as I’m guessing that’s a net based catch. Tips and tricks would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone.

I’ve attached photos that reference some of the convo below. Thanks again. Helen


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You can only catch Marron for

Wed, 2018-06-20 09:13

You can only catch Marron for 30days in January...

You will need a fresh water licence. I have fished a couple of the dams without much success. There is a lot of weed in and around lane pool. I've eaten alot of trout from my time in Europe and rate it highly, especialy smoked.

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Thanks Darren that makes it

Wed, 2018-06-20 09:42

Thanks Darren that makes it heaps easier, so only really keep the trout and perch? leave the cobbler? This is if i catch anything at all? I need to renew my fishing from a boat licence anyway so may as well do them both at the same time. Thanks for your help. Fingers crossed. :)


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Lures ??

Wed, 2018-06-20 09:54

I'd be flicking celtas .. baby vibes . Or

some little divers halco rapala shouldnt

matter too much !  Like my fresh water

fishing.. goodluck Helen ! Cheers pirate 

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Awesome. I think i have a few

Wed, 2018-06-20 11:23

Awesome. I think i have a few small lures. might post a pic of what i have later and see what you think if thats ok? Thanks pirate


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You wont catch a cobbler on a

Wed, 2018-06-20 10:24

You wont catch a cobbler on a lure, so if you're up for bait fishing, often corn kernals can work.

Shouldn't have too much trouble finding atleast a few redfin, you aren't allowed to throw them back as they are a pest species, lucky they taste so good :D


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Yeah i can bait fish, but id

Wed, 2018-06-20 11:25

Yeah i can bait fish, but id only go for cobbler if you think they are ok eating otherwise i wont bother. the recfishwest app kinda implies they arent and seeing they look a little scary i wont be too upset about giving the species a miss haha.


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in the past when ive fished

Wed, 2018-06-20 11:35

in the past when ive fished down there i found the corn kernels worked well for trout...i think they used to feed them some corn prior to release, so they seemd ot be used to it....otherwise in summer grasshoppers were great...not sure about in winter. worms always seem to be reliable.

as far as lures, most of the trout fishing ive done has been in tassie, btu we found the old style spinners and cobra lures were the go.

if u can get hold of a fly rod it may be a good opportunity to give it a try....just match your fly to whatever insects are the very least you will have a laugh, or catch some trees! fly fishing is pretty addictive, and rainbow trout on fly are great fun.

rainbow trout can be great to my experience you may find the ones caught in faster moving water or running streams more appetising...somtimes the ones hanign in the deepwaters are full of mud and can be a bit strong.

good luck!

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Worms under a float

Wed, 2018-06-20 11:35

indeed any decent insect, cricket, beetle .......some huge Redfin in there, also if you have a hand net to catch some galaxias they are brilliant for both reddies and trout 

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Cobbler are good to eat

Wed, 2018-06-20 11:48

Cobbler are good to eat although the salt water versions are better. Just don't get spiked by them, very painful I believe. Most who catch them skin them with pliers as their skin is very tough. Best way to catch them is at night with a decent torch and a gidgy although not sure if that is allowed now days. As kids, a long long time ago, we used to use traps for them, probably was not legal then either!

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Charlies Flat

Wed, 2018-06-20 12:35


Hey Helen,  I'd say that Charlies Flat os the best camping area down there. Standalone sites where you have your own space, also easy access to the river and a narrow part which usually holds fish (lots of redfin, hard to find anything else from my experience).  Spinner lures, particularly in flouro pink and black/orange pattern have worked best for me over the years. Never fished bait but from the thread looks like that's an option too if you can't be bothered casting so much. Early morning and late arvo as usual are the best times.  As far as eating quality I'd take redfin over trout any day of the week. If there are no fish it's still a great place to camp and have a few frothies around the fire!  Enjoy.  

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 I find using grub style

Thu, 2018-06-21 08:42

 I find using grub style plastic in freshwater streams cheaper because it is laden with snags and sunken trees. Redfin loves it and will shoulder each other for a piece of the grub. 

 Caught heaps of cobbler on earth worms at night. They love the juice coming out from the earth worms but I was quite disgusted with the taste of the cobbler -muddy and yuks. Regretted keeping a few. Won't be targeting them next time. But each to their own.

Never had any luck with trout, perhaps fishing the wrong spots.

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Awesome. Thanks so much

Thu, 2018-06-21 11:13

Awesome. Thanks so much everyone. Ill dig out my gear in a tick and upload a photo and see if i have stuff that will work, if not ill go and blow more money at the tackle shop. Just spent a fortune buying stuff for Coral Bay and ended up just using my own rigs and none of the stuff i actually bought. haha


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Ok so would any of those

Thu, 2018-06-21 11:32

Ok so would any of those smaller ones in the bottom right be ok to use? Also there are some small plastics and little hooks. Also i added pics is my lighter jewel rods which i haven’t used much because i only really do deep sea fishing. Would they be an ok weight? Thanks for your help everyone :)


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 The light rods and 2000 size

Thu, 2018-06-21 11:43

 The light rods and 2000 size reel would be perfect. You'll need some light leader on that braid so I'd go for flourocarbon of a diameter that will work with your braid. I use 4lb on mine.

I think you'll need some new lures and hooks. Soft plastics are cheap and they work well as mentioned above. If redfin are on the bit ethey are not fussy! If you've got a good tackle store they should be able to point you in the right direction.  

Good luck!

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 too bloody cold down there

Thu, 2018-06-21 12:00

 too bloody cold down there this time of year. been there done that with camping. best thing you can have in your hand is a nice bottle of whisky or the old stones green ginger wine. even if your cold on the outside a good swig of these will warm you up and if you have enough of it you will be too drunk to notice the cold anyway . 

have fun 


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 Small grub style soft

Thu, 2018-06-21 13:59

 Small grub style soft plastics in the 2-3" range on a 1/8th Jughead are smaller have worked for me. Spinners are good but you'll lose quite a few as the trebles love getting stuck into logs and stuff 


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Thanks Fellas. Crunch time.

Fri, 2018-06-22 10:27

Thanks Fellas. Crunch time. trying to hurry up at work so i can go to the tackle shop and pack eeek


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 If you use any hard body

Fri, 2018-06-22 15:06

 If you use any hard body lures I'd suggest swapping the trebles for singles to minimise snags. Just get the inline single hooks for lures as they have the eye in the right direction.

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Thanks Dave. That actually

Sun, 2018-06-24 16:29

Thanks Dave. That actually would have been handy as i kept getting snagged. Just caught 1 Redfin and a guy that i was chatting to yesterday caught only 1 also. Didn’t even get any other bites. Not sure if it was time if day that was better. Seems after 5pm or early morning was best. It was super cold too.


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Sorry i missed

Sun, 2018-06-24 16:33

 Sorry i missed this post before you went Hellen , 

Here is a link i did a few years ago about lures for next time you go .

The small RMG Scorpion are one of my favorites for Dwellingup. And then any of the spinners will work too plus they are quite cheep . 

Cheers Grant  .. 


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That’s awesome. Thanks so

Mon, 2018-06-25 11:06

That’s awesome. Thanks so much. Good thing you can look back
At your own old posts so I’ll coms back to this for sure as we are looking at going again soon. Thanks Grant.