Fishing Jurien, Greenhead

Looking for tips/suggestions from people who have fished Greenhead and surrounds.

I normally fish the shallows north of the island or make the trip out to behind Apex Reef.

Just interested in other peoples ideas.....cheer

Merry Christmas

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off topic

Mon, 2007-12-24 09:26

Bit off topic, hopefully someone can help you out thou Salmo.

Any idea on when you are getting up to Exxy next?


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Mon, 2007-12-24 21:18

Hope to be at Exmouth marina a week post gamex....we wanted to fish a new moon but the place will be full of teasers

You have seen it for yourself mate....

So hoping for the any case a Full moon might help our chances of a southern gaint perch in the twisted timber...I think the females start to hang on the rock bars by then

Hairy Harry has also given us some tips further north..... so will be hanging out around Long Island well away from the crowds a swag?

Thats if the weather doesnt through a fit like late this coming week
so much for Apex reef with the wind and swell up for Greenhead this coming weekend....
smells like Kalbari, this time last year.....6 days stuck with 18-25kts watching the boat ramp from the holiday unit veranda......

I feel a early cyclone coming on in the next two weeks.......tip of the week

merry christmas