Fishing With Soft Plastics

 I Went Fishing At Ocean reef marina on sunday at about 7am, I was using soft plastics with a jig head that was bigger than needed but that was so there was more weight which= a bigger cast, i noticed that i was having so much more activity than anyone else, everyone was using lures, my dad and cousing used lures and got 3 blowies and 1 herring between themselves. I got 6 herring and everyone else was getting blowies...why is this and what have you caught with soft plastics?

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same problem to me

Tue, 2013-05-28 10:32


i am new in australia and got the same problem. the bellyfish kill all my softplastic lures. thats the reason why i only use hardbaits. 
At night the bellys are quiet thats the time you can use your softis better i think... got no idea how how to avoid the belly bites


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i use soft plastics for

Wed, 2013-05-29 19:21

i use soft plastics for freshwater fishing, the redfin perch just love them i have caught some big ones, i think its because soft plastics lookmore like a real fish than hard body lures also have got some good whiting on them


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