Floreat beach

 Hi guys

Went for a fish the other day at floreat beach near the kiosk

Had lots of problems with how strong the undertow was

Have also heard great things about floreat drain fishing but was unsure if id have the same problem

Is the undertow up there still strong or isn't it as bad as near the kiosk

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Fri, 2017-02-17 07:34

Sharkhunter, it is the side sweep (south to north) that gets you there. Undertow (east to west) will actually help keep your bait out. Need to up sinker weights or use grapnels to give yourself more chance when it is bad.

Also, you need to find some deeper water to cast into. Floreat can be very shallow under the whitewater in front of the break depending on sandbar formations. This shallow water holds a few pickers, but your rig will get rolled up the beach real quick. If the weed is in, forget it. A rolling bait and floating seaweed is a waste of time.




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