The Fluorocarbon Myth

I found this on another forum and thought some may find it interesting.  I am sure there are pros and cons with respect to using fluorocarbon leaders and traces and these may vary depending upon the style of fishing you are doing.






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I'm happy in my ignorance

Tue, 2016-07-19 11:37

still seem to catch enough with mono


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 From what I can tell, the

Tue, 2016-07-19 11:44

 From what I can tell, the article is still saying flurocarbon is superior, just not as superior as it is claimed.

I'll still be using the superior product, I need every advantage I can get out there!

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I find Fluro carbon

Tue, 2016-07-19 12:07

 Cracks . Tie any knot you normaly use . Hold up to Fluro light. You can see fractures running through line. I always use black magic 130 lb in droppers rigs everything. Never fails.

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Tue, 2016-07-19 14:00

Which do you use - the fluoro or the mono? 

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I found that going from

Tue, 2016-07-19 12:10

I found that going from Berkley Vanish (poor quality FC) to Yamotoya (great quality FC) increased my bream hookup rate especially when they are real finicky. Anecdotal evidence and there are probably a hundred other factors at play but if I'm going breaming I wanna give myself every chance to have a good session.


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Fc all the way

Tue, 2016-07-19 18:34

 For leaders anyway. If the fish are fussy, it seems to make a difference for me.

big fish like reds and ranking don't seem to matter either way, if they are hungry and you are on the right spot, they will usually bite.






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 If it's supposed to be

Tue, 2016-07-19 18:54

 If it's supposed to be invisible underwater, I don't know what they sell it in 2,3,5,6 etc if it's all the same lol. I've used both on and off and prefer mono nowadays. I've had bad experiences the black magic fluoro breaking off in strips down the entire leader length or breaking prematurely. For 12lb leader I run fluoro for the abrasion resistance when you hookna larger fish and find it doesn't rub off as much against tails etc 

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A damned good read

Tue, 2016-07-19 19:19

 That really cuts through the hype and BS .....I personally do not like the way FC knots and much prefer HIGH quality mono 

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Thanks for posting

Tue, 2016-07-19 19:34

It makes for very good reading and sure is thought provoking.

Do you get value for your extra coin by buying floro, hmmmm
that is the question.

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Wed, 2016-07-20 07:36

 My tackle box top is full of spools of Fluro. A lot of different sizes from 6-120Lb and they fit in there just fine in their little 100m spools. To change over to mono would cost a fortune and i would need yet another tackle box to hold them all.

Abrasion resistance is the main reason i run Fluro. Knot strength is not so important as i normally run a fluro that is way heavier than the main line strength. Loosing 20% strength on a fluro 80Lb leader still makes it stronger than the 30Lb main line.

I fish a fair bit with a guy who is pretty old school. Makes droppers out of his main line mono and i have seen him snap off way to many times on good fish. Knot type, strength, mono type, age, fishing technique etc. Who knows but i fish as if the next one i hook is the fish of a life time. I think you shouldnt take chances and go the best you can.


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 I tried fc but it was

Wed, 2016-07-20 09:02

 I tried fc but it was Berkley Vanish. Happened to be cheap and found it to be crap as line breaks at half stated breaking strain. Thought it may be a bad batch so emailed Australian Berkley distributor twice with no response so not impressed with that. Are they so big that they can now ignore you? Don't really want replacement as no confidence in it. Still catch as much fish without leader anyway as sometimes just tie snap swivel direct to braid and attach lure that way.