FNC Cricket Update

The boys have been doing pretty well over the last 3 weeks.. First game was against hotbites (dario and david b) with a relatively easy win.. Second game ended up in a draw 80-80 with Gribbo and I stealing 2 runs on the last ball to save it.. Last nights game was the derby against the FnC's.. A good fielding performance kept them down to 90 with their last pair smashing 45.. Our batting was pretty dismal and with one pair left we needed 43 for the tie and 45 for the win.. with 18 to get off the last over, they bowled 2 no-balls, a wide, went for a 7 and a 4 and a few singles to give us the match on the very last ball.. Absolutely robbed.. Awesome game, feel sorry for the other guys, well sorta.. :)


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