Fold able Inflatable

Morning team,

I am looking for a camping inflatable. We have looked into tinny's and they are not practicle for what we want right now (protected inshore waters).

My old man had a 3.1m Quicksilver that he got in the mid 90's and only recently died (the glue failed) and a mate has a Bris inflatable. 

My brother in law is going halves in it (as we both do the same sort of adventure) so I am looking for recommendations on fold up inflatables? The majority seem to be fixed floors or priced beyond my once or twice a year use budget.


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Ended up with a Searano

Mon, 2020-06-08 08:09

Ended up with a Searano marine 3.3m boat with inflatable floor. Weight is around 31kg which is around half the weight of the last boat we took away. 

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 Hey Swompa what do you think

Wed, 2020-09-23 17:20

 Hey Swompa what do you think of these inflatables? Just in the market for one now and they look like good value. Does the inflatable floor give enough stability?