Freediving courses in Perth

 Hey everyone! I'm an SSI certified Freediving instructor living and working in Perth. I teach Level 1 courses through PDA Balcatta. I'm running my next course 31 Jan-2 Feb and another Feb 7-9. The course costs $450 per student and I really only need 2 students to justify running the course, so grab a friend and sign up! You can call PDA Balcatta to register and get more details. On the level 1 you'll learn basic freediving theory, breathing techniques, proper diving techniques, safety, and we'll work on getting you down to 20 meters and/or staying at depth longer. This is a great course for either beginners or advanced divers and spearfishers. If you want more info about the course, either contact PDA Balcatta or just send me a message!


Hope to see you soon :)