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Never flake out

Fri, 2019-10-18 07:32

 The never fall asleep one reminds me of one we did years ago.


We were at a piss up and two blokes fell asleep on the old style wire mesh single beds, no problem. We picked the beds up and carried them about 300 metres down the road to a spot where coupes would park up for a snuggle or whatever, and left them there.


Speeking to one of them the next day he said he didn't know where the hell he was when he woke up with cars parked all around him'


Done all the face painting with textas and lipstick but nothing like the one above with the hair cut and glasses

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Gardening is just so relaxing.

Fri, 2019-10-18 17:29

 Lets just say a person known to me ( a ex) and her friend did a beauty one night.

 After a rip roaring ladys night out said ladies ( loose term) found themselves invited to a random party somewhere in a large country town 

 they had just arrived in for the weekend.

 After getting a lift to the party , it sucked so they finished up and started walking back to there acommodation.

 It started raining so in there drunken intelligence they sort shelter in a garden shed ( dont ask) .

 They crashed out and woke to the sounds of children playing and mum putting washing on the line , in a strange persons back yard!

 In there hot , sexy going out gear they then waited for the voices to stop, before legging it out down the drive with niegbours looking on.

 It was 10am , strange town , high heels , mini dresses , and no idea where they were, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, the walk of shame followed

.( amid beeping of town bogans drivebys) to finally arrive to unit , where I was enjoying a late breakfast after sensibly sleeping like a baby.