Game fishing teasers

Gday brains trust.

I would like to get more serious in trying to raise a marlin/sailfish and would like some advise on teasers/daisy chains what do you use and how effective do you find it.

In the past I have used a couple of 9inch birds with some reflective cones behind them and I feel these have helped with the mackeral hook ups but not sure if I should go all out and get some serious teasers to help raise a few from the deep.

I will be mainly fishing exmouth and onslow and the odd time may head to dampier.



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Sun, 2020-02-23 20:57

The serious and successful outfits all run dredges.

All sorts of teasers available.  Daisy chain style is popular, but a large skirted lure with a good action and no hook can also be successful.




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Easy tease

Sun, 2020-02-23 21:57

 Easy tease teasers

made in Broome

Used them in Broome on the sails and marlin


Top quality and made to suit different species