GAMEX'06 Update 23rd March

Another 30+ day of tags(sorry I don't know the exact figure) There are in total 177 billfish that have been tagged and released, with only one capture of a 30kg sailfish on 4kg line class so far.

One day to go. (Saturday)

The crew on Reel Teaser caught six marlin today (23/3/06), with Andrew Ettinghaussen (ET) tagging two, Alistair McGlashan tagging three and Tracey Rushford tagging one.

Today was the roughest day and the big boats such as Mahi-Mahi II, Indizara, Waverider, Nordon and Blue Horizon still managed to tag fish and even some of the smaller boats such as Black Label braved the conditions.

Young junior angler Andrew Snook caught a 5kg queenfish on 1kg line, which is a pending State/Australian and World record!

[img_assist|fid=18004|thumb=1|alt=Andrew Snook GAMEX'06 - Pending World Record|caption=Andrew Snook GAMEX'06 - Pending World Record]