Gnaraloo April '18

Morning all,

Long-time listener, first-time caller.

I'm heading to Gnaraloo next week for a fishing trip, haven't been for a couple of years so pretty excited to get back. Just wondering what the road condition might be like, has anyone been recently? Towing a 6.5m alloy and expecting the usual curve-balls to be thrown our way, but any insight would be great. Oh, and are there still some old bits of fencing lying around on the beach to stick under the wheels?

Thanks guys. I'll let you know how it goes!


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Very rough in patches last

Fri, 2018-04-13 10:51

Very rough in patches last weekend. Just go slow.

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no tracks

Fri, 2018-04-13 11:57

 Hey mate. 


Was there over easter long weekend. There is no metal or tracks on the beach anymore




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 Take a chainsaw just in case

Fri, 2018-04-13 16:37

 Take a chainsaw just in case

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dont forget to let boat

Sat, 2018-04-14 12:51

dont forget to let boat trailer tyres down.

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 Thanks guys, appreciate the

Sun, 2018-04-15 21:38

 Thanks guys, appreciate the heads-up. That sucks, I guess byo Maxtrax then...